Foutcodes GM Multec inspuitsysteem

The warning lamp will illuminate when the ignition is switched on, but as soon as the engine is started the warning lamp will go out. If the warning lamp stays on or comes on while the engine is running, then the ecu has detected a fault. If the ecu detects a serious fault then the ecu will switch to an emergency programme which will allow the vehicle to be driven to a garage, so that the fault can be cured.

When pin D8 off the ecu is grounded or the diagnostic socket pins A and B connected together by a wire, then the fault codes will be displayed from the fault code light as flashes, e.g. fault code 12 displays as one flash, pause, then two flashes.

To erase the fault code, turn the ignition on/off for 25 times, if this is unsuccessful then disconnect the battery earth lead for at least one minute. The disadvantage for removing the earth lead is that it will erase the memory from other electronic units, eg. security coded radio.

Fault Code Associated Component/Cause Of Fault
12 Diagnosis Initiated
13 Lambda Sensor (Open Circuit)
14 Coolant Temperature Sensor (Voltage Low)
15 Coolant Temperature Sensor (Voltage High)
16 Knock Signal Circuit
18 Knock Control System
19 Incorrect Rpm Signal
21 Throttle Position Sensor (Voltage High)
22 Throttle Position Sensor (Voltage Low)
24 Speed Sensor (No Signal)
25 Injector Valve (Voltage Low)
29 Fuel Pump Relay (Voltage Low)
32 Fuel Pump Relay (Voltage High)
33 Map Sensor (Voltage High)
34 Map Sensor (Voltage Low)
35 Stepper Motor (No Idle Speed Control)
41 EST Line Coil Cylinder 2 & 3 (Voltage High)
42 EST Line Coil Cylinder 1 & 4 (Voltage High)
43 Linear EGR System
44 Lambda Sensor (Mixture Too Weak)
45 Lambda Sensor (Mixture Too Rich)
47 Linear EGR Position
49 Battery Voltage High
51 Electronic Control Unit (Memory Failure)
55 Electronic Control Unit
63 EST Line Coil Cylinder 2 & 3 (Voltage Low)
64 EST Line Coil Cylinder 1 & 4 (Voltage Low)
75 Torque Control (Voltage Low)
76 Torque Control (Continuous)
81 Injector Valve (Voltage High)
93 Quad Driver Module

PDF document met algemene informatie over het inspuitsysteem (Nederlands)

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